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Have you found yourself covered in itchy, red bites? Or can you see black marks on your headboard or mattress? Then it’s time to call in the professionals today on: 01254898165 as you may have a parasite problem such as fleas or bedbugs that needs to be treated promptly by the best pest controllers in Lancashire.

With over a decade of pest management experience, we have established a reputation for excellence. We can assure you that our pest controllers will provide you with a professional attitude and a quick, efficient service.  We pride ourselves on hand picking the most experienced, local pest controllers, who display the kind of values we wish to adhere to as a company. 

At TDC Pest Control, we use local, Lancashire based pest controllers in and around the BB6 7QP area, covering Great Harwood. So if you are suffering from the adverse effects of a pest problem, let our helpful advisers resolve your pest dilemma today. All of our controllers are fully certified and experienced to handle the chemical based pesticides needed to completely treat a pest problem. 

At TDC Pest Control, we understand that it can be very stressful when our customers are faced with a pest problem. They know that our customers want the situation to be resolved as quickly as humanly possible. That’s why, with TDC Pest Control, you can have your pest issue dealt with at a time that best suits you, day or night.

TDC Pest Control have friendly advisers and pest control engineers ready to fix your pest problem 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year*. If it is an emergency, we can be with you in just 30-90* minutes. Call us today and we’ll get those pesky pests sorted for you. All our pest controllers are able to resolve pest issues within both domestic and commercial properties.

Our qualified controllers are experienced in all types of pest management. We offer various pest control treatments, including: bird control, bumble bee removal, house mice, insecticides, fumigation services, rat control, and wasp removal. Let TDC Pest Control solve your pest dilemma, Call us today on: 01254898165.

How can I tell if I have a bed bug infestation?

There are a few tell-tale signs of identifying a bed bug infestation in your home, including the following:

  • Bites - If you are regularly finding yourself covered with small, red marks and they swell or itch when scratched, it is likely you have a bed bug infestation, as these pests feed on sedentary or sleeping humans.
  • Checking your mattress and headboard - It is important to check your mattress, headboard and bed frames thoroughly for signs of both the small, black bugs and their eggs. Bed bugs often leave behind small, black traces in which can be identified as faeces, or sometimes rust-coloured stains are left on mattress tags and seams. 
  • Sweet odours - When there is a large colony of bed bugs, they will tend to emit a sickly sweet almond smell. Bed bugs produce these chemicals in which help them to communicate, thus leaving an odour. It is important to note however, that not everyone will be able to notice the smell, and a sweet odour is dependent on a particularly large infestation present.
  • Eggs and exoskeletons - Bed bugs have an outer shell that they shed and leave behind. If you see shell-like remains on your mattress, this can be a strong indication you are suffering from a bed bug infestation. There can also be eggs present in which female bed bugs lay in small crevices. These appear to be white and oval shaped, and can be difficult to spot considering bed bugs measure at approximately 5-7 millimetres.
  • Black marks around your home - If you have noticed the appearance of black marks and dirt on skirting boards, flooring, walls, and around the seams of mattresses and headboards in your property, this is a sure sign that you may have a bed bug infestation that needs the attention of an expert pest controller.

Always have your pest problems resolved by a qualified professional. TDC Pest Control in Lancashire only employ pest controllers who are certified in the use of pesticides. Call us now on: 01254898165 to arrange a visit.

24/7* Reactive Service

Dead Rodent Removal

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